Monday, 28 April 2014

GMG Tech Engineering Ltd PHILOSOPHY

This organization as well as this type of functioning confers to the group the capacity to intervene according to various formulae. A solution can be found for any type of customer corresponding to his expectations. GMG TECH is a group which will bring all the support necessary for the success of a project. Since the idea and the file of the project approval, the work begins with the reflection, the contribution of the solutions, the elaboration of strategy as well as all which is imperative to reach the fixed objectives.

The formulae of intervention of GMG TECH are the following ones:


We can be a service provider by bringing all our knowledge, experience, competences, technologies etc. For that it will be submitted, to every customer, an official offer of services and honorary and decides. If he agrees we can start our work.


The project is defined well and that capital is available then we can subject to the customer a global offer for a turnkey project. If he accepts, we shall sign a contract and shall begin the work according to the international rules


If the customer has a project with all the authorizations but he looks for a technical partner, financial, marketing etc., we shall be capable (after analysis of the file) to become this partner. The work will begin with the creation of a common structure in Europe in which it will deposit his part (under his control). We shall take care to instruct the file and to provide the complement. After capitalization, we shall begin the technical missions and the realization of the project according to the terms of agreement


If the customer is a dreamy designer but he does not know exactly what he is going to make then we shall sign a MOU as a document for legal framework to start the work together. The procedure is the same that in the previous formula. Then we shall begin negotiation, discussion, decision, visit of the site, studies etc. all the expenses of this stages will be at our expense. If at the end of the validity of the contract (MOU) we agreed an action plan, then he will proceed to the starting up of the technical phase.

The group arranges several concepts, patents, technologies etc. that it is ready to convert them in project. We shall try to join the project of which is intended with a local partner in the site. This partner will have the responsibility to find the site, to obtain authorizations, to manage the logistic aspect as well as all the local administrative procedures. Besides, he can participate in the project with privileged conditions if he considers it interesting.


GMG TECH is inclined to consider and to analyze any opportunities in direct connection with its activities as well as its philosophy of functioning. If the file is considered acceptable, GMG TECH will operate everything to finalize it and make it succeed in the best conditions.

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