Monday, 12 May 2014

Dr. Becem Ben Cherifa Topics Covered

Despite its young age, GMG Tech Engineering Ltd was created with a federator aim, has a considerable number of references starting with the founders of the group participators, or workers as well as the various members partners in the organization or consortium. President of GMG TECH Dr. Becem Ben Cherifa

Some files, on which the founders of GMG Tech Engineering Ltd have already worked, were organized in different sections according to the intervention or the objective.

1. Climatic Change

- Protocol of KOYOTO
- Conventions frameworks of the United Nations CCNU - PNUE – UNDP

2. Durable and Ecologic Tourism

Sustainable tourism   and ecological
Water and energy sector in the hotel units
Tendencies and perspective of the sector
International standards

3. Bioclimatic and Organic Architecture

Man and nature
High Quality Environmental HQE

Wooden structure

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